Key & Shield 2 is a platform game with loads of adventure and exploration to be found. The great thing about this game is the short, compact levels that cramp in tons of puzzle solving without giving players a lengthy, boring experience. #free_to_play: ------------------ #mantigames #platform #adventure #mobliegame #onlinegame #pcgam
#Pet_Hairstyle_Design Why would you put a wig on a cat? Pet Hairstyle Design challenges you with the question: why wouldn’t you put a wig on a cat? After a few hours of deep contemplation, you’ll realize that it’s not morally offensive and there is actually no reason why you shouldn’t dress up your cat like a doll. #free_to_play: _____________________ #artgame #design #hairstyle #cat #mantigames #cute
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2 March
Rachel’s Kitchen Grand Prix Wedding In Rachel’s Kitchen Grand Prix Wedding, there is a tonne of different things you can do. Firstly in this free Baking game, you can learn how to bake a delicious wedding cake among other yummy treats. You are also able to look into the trophy cabinet to see how well you’re doing in the game. There is also a tent where you can have fun and competitive bake-off. #free_to_play:… --------------------------
Feeling a little creative?#Mandala_Coloring_Book has you covered if you’re feeling like doing a bit of Coloring but don’t have any crayons or paints. This top Art game is one of the best and lets you unleash your inner artist. Mandalas are super cool to color so this game is perfect for those who want to just have a bit of fun with colors. #free_to_play: #matigames #artgames #coloring #artist #trending #coloringbook #fun
#Build_A_Planet is the kind of lateral thinking game that would make Salvador Dali have an aneurysm. This building game, and I use that term extremely generously, sees you play as some type of celestial bear god… You live in a universe where a tree serves as the basic backbone of the universal skeleton. No surprises there, many mythical worlds employs this trope. #free_to_play: -------------------- #freegames #startegygames #plan #planet #buildin
Hard to make the right decision! Can you make the right one with one of the best action games of us #free_to_play here: ------------------------------- #mantigames #army #actiongames #teammate #squad
#Dead_Zone_Sniper is a sniper game the puts you in a precarious position and asks you secure clutch kills for your team. This game has cool 3D graphics and plenty of action throughout the game #play_for_free: ------------ #games #gaming#action #3d #shooting
Hidden Objects House - Best Puzzle Game It’s time to start looking around the house. For this free Puzzle game, you need to locate household objects. To win this top game, you need to find all of them within the allotted time. Avoid clicking wrongly or you will have to lose seconds on your overall time. #free_to_play: --------- #enetertainment #nature #relax #free_to_play
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Top Best 5 Action Games You Can Play Online for Free Right Now!
1 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018
Action movies are always on the top of the best selling movies, and they always attract a large audience worldwide.
19 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018
Free online action games are always highly appreciated in the gaming world. You can use all the available skills to survive in battles.
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